I have always been interested in helping people, I guess it runs in the blood (in my family there are Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Teachers, Ministers of Religion, Counsellors, etc). Although originally I wanted to study Medicine, I became more interested in Psychology at University and studied that for 3 years. Then not long after finishing my first degree I discovered Naturopathy and decided to go back to do more study. I believe we never stop learning, and the more I know about health, biochemistry, psychology and people in general the more I discover there still is to learn! In fact learning new things is a bit of a passion and hobby of mine – I regularly attend Seminars and Courses in order to update my skills and knowledge so that I can help you better.

What I love about being a Naturopath is that I can combine the latest up-to-date research on health and biochemistry with age-old practical knowledge about older remedies, herbs, and health. I also like to connect the physical with the mental and emotional, because I believe that there is always a mental/emotional side to physical ailments and vice versa. Then I like to combine all that with a good dose of listening and empathy. I believe that we heal faster and better when we take the whole person into account.

I am still learning every day, which is a good thing because I believe we are here to learn and grow. After all, my Clients learn and grow over time too and I also learn new things from them! I see myself as a contributor and facilitator to their health improvement journey but the real healing comes from inside them and it’s wonderful to see that happen.