Hello there…

I’m Jo, I’m a Naturopath and Herbalist, a mother of three teenagers/young adults, a teacher, a dog lover and a business owner who loves walking, yoga, music, laughter, Sunday sleep-ins, green tea and carob!

I juggle many roles and I’m guessing you do too. Sometimes you may get out of balance and need a little support to get back to feeling good. We’re all human and doing our best – and that includes me!

I believe in listening to your body, gentle treatments and taking manageable steps in the right direction. I believe that the body will heal itself given the right environment (internal and external). Sometimes we just need to clear the “blocks” to wellness so that your body can heal and rebalance itself. And at times the body needs extra (yet still gentle and natural) support.

What I love about being a Naturopath is that I can combine the latest up-to-date research on health and biochemistry with age-old practical knowledge about traditional remedies, herbs and health. I also like to connect the physical with the mental and emotional, because I believe that there is always a mental/emotional side to physical ailments and vice versa. And I also love learning new things and regularly attend Seminars and Courses in order to update my skills and knowledge so that I can help you better.

I use a combination of case history taking, iridology and testing (including in-house tests, functional pathology, traditional pathology and Hair 500 Biocompatibility testing) to determine the best course of action for you and your health, and then suggest a treatment plan which may include herbal tonics or tablets, nutritional supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes. I will guide you through the process step by step at the speed that is right for you and your body.

I look forward to seeing you soon.