Naturopathy is a natural system of health care where a Naturopath will treat clients using various modalities including herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, homeopathy and dietary and lifestyle advice. Both the symptoms and the underlying cause are addressed, with the aim being to support the body to heal itself. I use all the above modalities and more, and no two treatment plans are the same.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest system of medicine in the world, using extracts from plants to treat and prevent disease. Herbs are used in all societies and cultures in the world, and many modern medicines have been modelled on or derived from plant constituents. I love making individualised tonics for my clients and although they may not always taste the best, they work very effectively!


Iridology is a technique where the colours, markings and patterns in the iris are examined using a special magnifying torch or camera. It can pick up issues even before physical symptoms develop, and it can be a great additional tool in clinic to determine which organs are in need of treatment or support to avoid potential issues or to improve health. I use a camera and bring the image up on the computer screen so you can see it as well.

How it works

Haven’t been before?

Initial consultation
(75-90mins) – $185
The first time you come I will go through your case history, and usually do an iridology assessment. I will also determine if any testing is required and get you started on easing your symptoms and improving your health.

For returning clients

Follow up consultation
(45-60mins) – $120
At each follow-up consultation, we will discuss your progress and tweak your program if needed. I can also answer any questions that may have come up for you.

If we need a bit longer

Extended Follow-up
(75-90mins) – $155
For complex cases or if we know we will have a lot to go through. Also good for when new symptoms or conditions arise in existing clients.

Need herbal support quickly?

Quick consultation
(15-20mins) – $55

If you need immune support, or have a cold/flu or other acute infection and need herbal help fast without a full consultation. Alternatively for delivering test results only.